Review: Goodfit- Interior with Yellow Chair

This is such an eye-catching puzzle, I knew I had to have it the minute I saw it. And it did not disappoint! Here are my thoughts on Goodfit puzzle Interior with Yellow Chair by Mary Finlayson.

Goodfit is a Covid-born puzzle company run by a husband and wife duo out of Denver, CO. They are focused on bringing original art to puzzles as well as giving back to various causes. With the purchase of each puzzle, a certain amount will be donated to the charity listed on the puzzle’s page. I love supporting small puzzle businesses, especially ones that give back!

The puzzle comes in a gorgeous box and includes a cloth bag for storing pieces in after completing the puzzle. I’m really into the cloth bag trend going on right now! There was a thank you note with a small poster of the puzzle, but honestly, a poster really isn’t needed as the box picture is accurate and the image has very distinct sectioning.

The pieces are a linen finish which evenly distributes the light across the pieces, reducing glare. The piece shapes were diverse which was really helpful when finishing up the flooring and wall sections where there was a lot of repeated color and pattern. The pieces had a strong hold once connected and large chunks could be moved easily. I actually had to move the puzzle off my table as I had a competition and hadn’t gotten it finished ahead of time. I was a bit nervous to move it as the ceiling and flooring wasn’t finished on it, but it slid easily off the table and onto a flattened cardboard moving box for save keeping. Slid it back on the table post-competition and finished it up with my team!

It’s a great puzzle to work on with others as there are so many different elements to the image. Everyone can pick an area to work on. I decided not to start with the border on this one. I know, I’m wild! I did sort the borders and put them off to the side as I was flipping pieces, but I gravitated towards sorting patterns and working on the small sections of pots, plants, and artwork as I went.

I really enjoyed the Goodfit puzzling experience. At $32, some might be scared off from this brand, but I do believe that the puzzle is 100% worth it. The company is focused on bringing original art to their puzzles as well as making charitable contributions on top of having a really high-quality puzzle making it a winning brand for me!

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