Review: One But Many- First Rain

Wow puzzle pals. I knew this company ws going to be good but this puzzle absolutely blew me away. It’s no wonder that One But Many took multiple titles, including Best New Brand 2020, in the Puzzle Pals Choice Awards.

It’s fitting that during Women’s History Month I’m reviewing this puzzle. Megan, the founder of OBM, is one of the most amazing women I’ve met through puzzlegram. She is talented, intelligent, brave, strong, kind, hilarious… I could go on and on about her! Megan started this company to support Australian artists after seeing the art community shut down by covid. OBM also donates a portion of their proceeds to PANDA: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia, an organization near and dear to Megan.

On to the puzzle. I loved the reusable cloth bag inside the sturdy box. Pieces aren’t going to get lost here. I have an earlier version of the puzzle, so it did not include a poster, but the newest run does include a reference poster. The poster also has information on the flowers shown in the puzzle. Functional and educational!

The pieces are a perfect matte finish with no extra backing. I had absolutely no peeling images or pieces that weren’t cut through all the way. Megan clearly did her research when selecting a manufacturer. The pieces went together with a satisfying snap and stayed together when shuffling sections around.

I had so much fun with this image. All the color and texture really made it an enjoyable experience from start to finish. All of the flowers depicted are native to Australia, making it an extra special photo. There were very few false fits (if any) and there weren’t any boring sections of all one color. I did sort this one and I moved around from color to color putting a few of the flowers from that section together and then moving to the next. I took my time and didn’t rush this one! My favorite part of the image was the tiny little caterpillar hidden in the flowers. If you do the puzzle, see if you can find the little guy!

I’m so incredibly in love with this company and everything they stand for. Such a high quality product, and high quality company values. OBM just re-released their first collection after selling out and are soon releasing their second collection! Keep an eye out, this company is going to be big!

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