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Review: Blue Kazoo- Color Wheel

Well, puzzle pals, you might be thinking to yourself “Oh look, another gradient, Sarah probably really disliked it and struggled with it like every other gradient puzzle she’s ever done.” But PLOT TWIST! I actually loved the heck outta this one!

Blue Kazoo is a newer company that has been releasing a ton of new puzzles lately. Color Wheel is from of one of their first collections, the Color Series. It’s no secret that I struggle with gradient puzzles. I don’t know what it is, but my brain just doesn’t recognize the slight variations in colors. You’ve heard me say it before, but I can enjoy a structured gradient. What I mean by this is the gradient must have some sort of shape or texture to it. This is a perfect example. The hard edges of the intersecting shapes of color offered just enough of a base for me to put together the gradient.

I love their compact boxes with the sleek, modern design. The holographic logo is a really fun and unique touch! The pieces were bagged in a branded, but not resealable bag. I think it would be a good idea to make those bags resealable because the logo on the bags was a cool feature. There was a large poster included, which I didn’t use for this puzzle, but would likely use with some of their other designs.

None of the pieces were stuck together after dumping them out of the original packaging which was awesome. None seemed to have any damage to the chipboard or image. Shout out to sharp die cutters! The pieces do have a gloss to them and sometimes would glare in the light.

I am not a huge sorter, but I did sort this one by color and border. This made it really easy and relaxing to put together. My mom came over to do this one with me. I started on the light colored borders, and she started with the dark middle section. We worked our way in and out of our respective sections passing sorting trays between us until we ran out of pieces. We were able to pick up the inner chunk and move it into the border without too much of a struggle. The puzzle definitely would pass the pick up challenge!

I enjoyed this puzzle and look forward to the other puzzle they sent me, another from the same series. You can purchase their puzzles in singles or in series packs at a small discount. I do think these puzzles are a bit on the expensive side, but the one I did was excellent quality.

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