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Review: MasterPieces- Halloween Terrors

As soon as I saw this puzzle, I knew I had to have it! I spotted it at the Astra Toy show a few months back and the lovely reps at the MasterPieces booth let me take it home to try out. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so any time I get to do a spooky puzzle is the best time!

This was a super fun puzzle. I did it very casually and took my time. It was fun to piece together all the different sections. The purple half, the blue half, the pumpkin patch, the spooky path that I would absolutely never go down… I think it’s the perfect mix of scary and fun!

As I was putting it together I was like, why the heck do the pieces feel kinda funky… Then I realized (after reading the box like I should have done in the beginning) that the puzzle is GLOW IN THE DARK. Now, I’ve done a glow puzzle once. It didn’t work. I was expecting nothing from this one. I brought it into my room in the middle of the night and was SO surprised by how brightly it glowed! Swipe for the photos. Mind-Blowing. Would be so fun to do with a kiddo to see their reaction, especially if mine was absolute awe.

Definitely going to keep my eye out for more holiday puzzles from MasterPieces wether it be Halloween or Christmas. I always forget what a solid, affordable brand they are! Definitely recommend picking this up for this Halloween or even next year. Or maybe make it a tradition to do every year!

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