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Review: Ponderium- Abstract Art

I’ll be honest, these types of puzzles (gradients, abstract, shapes and lines) really challenge me, so when I chose this one to review I was like uhhh girl you are crazy! But the process from start to finish was actually so freaking enjoyable and exactly what I’ve needed after a stressful few weeks. Thank you Ponderium Puzzles for sending me this wonderful puzzle for review!

First of all, the box is really amazing. My favorite boxes are always square and compact and just big enough for all the pieces. This one was perfect and I loved the linen finish. The image wraps around on the front, but there is a full image on the back of the box. They also include a huge poster (I didn’t use it, but it’s there). Oh, also came in a reuseable plastic bag which is know is a big selling point for a lot of puzzlers!

The pieces were a great size, linen finish, and ribbon cut with piece shape differentiation. You would think that with a puzzle like this where there is a lot of one color areas that there would be a lot of false fits, but I literally never had one. I also want to normalize using the letters on the back of puzzles. This puzzle had numbers on the back and I sorted by the numbers and if any of y’all call it cheating I’ll be mad, hahah. It’s not cheating and it made the puzzle even more enjoyable for me. Sometimes when I’m in a crap mood like I have been the past few weeks, I just need a really easy puzzle and the back printing made it so perfect for my mood. It felt really satisfying to sort. Yes, I said it. Satisfying to sort and I hate sorting.

The image was super fun and just really cool and might be a fun one to frame if you’re looking for some art for your walls. The pieces held together well both in small chunks and as a whole. Definitely can pick it up and move it around no problem. At $25 I definitely think it comes in at a reasonable price. The quality was great and the image is exciting. I will definitely be checking out their fall puzzle and waiting to see what designs come next!

Want to get your hands on this or one of the other Ponderium Puzzle designs? Click here to find them on Amazon (affiliate link)

2 thoughts on “Review: Ponderium- Abstract Art”

  1. I’m glad the “cheater” print worked for you. The only puzzles I’ve seen it on to date have been from off-brand companies that have poor cuts and hundreds (thousands) of false fits. I figure if I want to do an alphabet or number puzzle, I’ll buy an alphabet or number puzzle. But I’m a sorter. I have to be, because I’m also a lover of large areas of one color – like sky, or grass.


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