Favorite Finds, Galison

Favorite Finds: Galison Preorders Now on Amazon

It’s no secret I love a good Galison puzzle. They just have such a wide variety of fun and relevant images. So when I saw all the preorders go live on Amazon I squealed in delight! I’m going to share a few of my favorites with links to find the listings. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.

Green City 1000 Piece Round Puzzle

This one’s beautiful pastel colors immediately caught my eye! Loving all the green and eco-friednly elements in the image. Can’t wait to snatch this one when it releases April 2022. Find it here.

Current Price: $19.99
Releases April 2022

Flower Market 1000 Piece Puzzle

I’m obsessed with black and white dogs, so this one shot to the top of my list. It will defintiely bring a springtime feel to the month of January when it’s released. Preorder here.

Current Price: $16.99
Releases January 2022

The High Street of Hope 1000 Piece Multi-Puzzle Puzzle

I love all the new and creative things companies are doing to keep the jigsaw experience fresh and exciting. I believe this is the first time that Galison has put puzzles within puzzles and I’m really looking forward to the five mini puzzles hidden within the puzzle. I also am loving the bright colors and all the different text fonts used. Grab this one here.

Current Price: $27.99
Releases January 2022

Desert Terrarium 750 Piece Shaped Puzzle

I live in Minnesota, but I really love the desert, so this will defintiely be on my puzzle shelf soon! I think this one will be an easy sort and definitely be fun to do with all the textures of the plants and animals. Want it? Click here.

Current Price: $19.99
Releases April 2022

Hungry Plants 500 Piece Family Puzzle

These cute little plants look harmless, but take a closer look! It’s all carnivourous plants! I’ve always wanted a venus fly trap, but after looking into their care schedule and how my other house plants are doing (I may or may not have let 3 die this year on accident… oops!), I think I’ll stick to the puzzle version! Grab these hungry plants here.

Current Price: $13.99
Releases January 2022

There are tons and tons more of these amazing Galisons coming out in the next few months that you can check out here!

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