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Review: BeWilderness- Blue Flower

This review is much overdue! If you haven’t already, check out my awesome interview with Whitney from Bewilderness from May here. But now it’s time to talk about the puzzle of theirs I did!

I love a good wooden puzzle. I love the shapes. I love the textures. I really love the smell. It’s just such a different experience than a cardboard puzzle.

I was really excited when Bewilderness agreed to let me interview them and do a review of their puzzle. And I was even more excited to find out that they sent me Blue Flower. The artwork on this puzzle is just gorgeous! I love all the shades of blue and knew it would be a good challenge as there were multiple places each color was represented in the image.

One thing that makes Bewilderness stand out is their piece shapes. The geometrical cut made this already pretty difficult image harder for me, which was great! I can usually breeze through an easier wooden puzzle, but it’s nice to have one that slows me down. It’s sometimes hard to justify the cost when I know it will take under an hour, but that just isn’t the case with this puzzle! I can’t remember the exact length of time it took me, but it was on my table for at least 5 days of on and off work during the evenings.

I thought I might be able to sort edges, but I should know that that’s nearly impossible with most wooden puzzles. I ended up starting with the grey portions and then trying to piece together each color section after that. I ended up with a few different chunks put together and then had to use the image on the box to figure out where each section went. It was really a different experience as I’m not a sorter usually and don’t follow the box too closely.

That’s one of the best things about trying a different than your usual type of puzzle: you come up with new ways of doing things and get to try new techniques and methods. Overall, I’m pretty much in love with Bewilderness’ beautiful designs and puzzles. From the intricate piece cuts to the unique artwork, these puzzles are worth every penny.

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