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Review: HelloFish- Earth

WOW! I was blown away by this puzzle. Thank you so much HelloFish for sending me your Earth puzzle in exchange for a review.

First of all, the pieces aren’t only just wooden. There are also acryllic pieces! I loved how the acryllic pieces flowed through the center of the Earth like a river. The whimsies were perfect for the puzzle and fit the Earth theme. A really cool aspect of this puzzle was the mini puzzles within the finished puzzle. The box contained the most handy-dandy tool that I have used non stop for other wooden puzzles since. It’s basically a pen but instead of ink at the tip for writing, it has a sticky tip to grab out whimsy pieces without having to tear about your whole puzzle. You heard me! No breaking apart half the puzzle to pull out whimsies! Magic I tell ya!

So after I pulled out the pieces for the mini puzzle (there’s an instruction sheet in the box for this step!) I put together the adorable mini puzzle. It’s so interesting to me to see how these pieces fit with totally different pieces in the larger puzzle, but still perfectly came together to form something new. You can also attach the North and South Pole pieces together without the center portion of the Earth. I did like that the pieces for the Poles were a bit higher than the others adding some texture to the puzzle.

I have absolutely no complaints about this puzzle except that it made me want more and my shelves are full. They did send me a super challenge, a giraffe print puzzle, that I haven’t attempted yet. Stay tuned for that post when I’m feeling up for that really difficult puzzle!

Have you tried a Hello Fish puzzle? What did you think! Let me know!

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