Mother’s Day Gifts From Galison… That Aren’t Puzzles!

Mother’s Day 2023 is just around the corner (May 14th!), and I’m sure some of you are scrambling to get a gift ready. Unfortunately, not everyone loves doing jigsaw puzzles, but if you still want to support one of my favorite puzzle companies, Galison has you covered! Keep reading to find out my top picks for non-puzzle Mother’s Day gifts. *This post contains affiliate links which may give me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog!*

Owl Bookplates

These adorable bookplates from artist Molly Hatch are great for anyone who frequently loans out books from their personal library. Bookplates are a great way to make sure borrowers remember who to return the book to. With 80 bookplates in 8 different designs, there’s sure to be one to match the mood of any book from romance to thrillers.

Bookplate inside front cover of a book

“The Future is Yours” Porcelain Tray

Did your mom always know when you were sneaking out growing up? Did she always find your lost soccer cleats/lunchbox/mittens with ease. Help her channel her inner psychic with this gold foil palm reading trinket dish.

Get Lost Camping Survival Kit

For the adventurous mom! Be prepared for a hike with this mini survival kit. It includes a compass, flint striker, and travel notebook. I think the compact flatware set would also be super handy to keep in the car for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic silverware!

Ever Upward Shaped Magnetic Bookmarks

You’ve seen the Ever Upward 500 and 1000 piece puzzles, but did you know that Galison carries Emily Taylor’s fun floral artwork in other forms? Give your mom a forever beautiful bouquet with this set of three magnetic bookmarks!

Jonathan Adler “Shelfie” Notebook

Another item that has a puzzle twin! I enjoyed piecing together this image (the borders definitely challenged me!), and I think it makes a stunning journal cover. Who doesn’t love a fresh notebook? And since it’s A5 size (5.25″ x 7.25″) it can fit into most purses or backpacks.

Josef Albers Magnet Set

Hang school pictures and handmade masterpieces with ease with these modern art magnets. The set contains nine super strong magnets from Josef Albers and will to your fridge gallery to the next level. They also carry two Andy Warhol sets- one featuring his sunset and the other has six variations of his popular Campbell’s Soup Can design.

Live Laugh Loathe Cross Stitch Kit

This kit contains everything needed to make a cross stitch work of art! The sayings on these Brass Monkey (one of Galison’s sister brands) kits have me in stitches… literally. You can also pick up the “I Knew it Wasn’t Butter” or “You Light Up a Room” kits for a trifecta of sassy sayings.

1 thought on “Mother’s Day Gifts From Galison… That Aren’t Puzzles!”

  1. What a great article on unique Mother’s Day gift ideas! I particularly love the ever upward shaped magnetic bookmarks and the “Future is Yours” porcelain tray. These thoughtful gifts are sure to make any mom smile on Mother’s Day.
    John Williams


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