About Me

Hi Puzzle Pals!

Welcome to SarahDoesPuzzles.com, a place where I share reviews, interviews, series, and other articles all about jigsaw puzzling!

What made me start a puzzle Instagram and blog? Well… It’s kind of a long story.

Growing up, I did a lot of puzzles. I had a great collection of 100 piece puzzles and would get up early on Saturday before my parents and have them spread across the living room before they would wake up. Soon I was able to join my family on Christmas Eve doing 500 and 1000 piece puzzles. Summers were spent with my grandparents completing puzzles and art projects between trips to the library.

My mom and uncle would compete yearly in the St. Paul Winter Carnival speed puzzling contest. As a kid, I would tag along to this event and watch them puzzle with their team. When one of their team members stopped competing, I was ready to step in! This started me on my competitive puzzling journey! Now, over ten years and countless contests later, I’m ranked #1 in the nation by SpeedPuzzling.com and #4 in the nation by the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association.

In 2021, I decided to pursue a career in jigsaw puzzles full-time. I left my job working as an IT consultant in the corporate world and started my current postition at Puzzle Warehouse.

Outside of puzzling, I enjoy hanging out with my pup Cannoli, reading/listening to (audio)books, attempting to cook, and working on my 110 year old house. But let’s be honest, most of my time goes to puzzling and puppy snuggles!

Is there something you want to know about me that I didn’t cover above? Send me an email, slide into my DMs on Instagram, or comment on one of my posts! I’m always down to talk about puzzles with fellow enthusiasts!