Review: Roamwide- Sunset Surf

This is a puzzle I’ve been waiting to try for awhile. Back in May of 2020, Sandra, the owner of Roamwide, reached out to me asking a few questions about puzzles I liked and disliked. Fast-forward and we have Sunset Surf!

One thing that is super important to Roamwide is minimizing their impact on the environment. This puzzle is the first truly plastic free puzzle I’ve seen on the market. The box is held closed with two biodegradable stickers (no shrink-wrap!) and the pieces come in an adorable fabric zipper pouch.

The puzzle was really fantastic quality. The pieces held together well and the fit was tight enough to pick up sections and put them into the puzzle. The pieces had unique shapes and false fits could happen, but you could immediately tell it didn’t fit because it wouldn’t line up properly. The mountains were particularly difficult for me because two of them were so similar in color it was hard to tell where pieces would go. It’s definitely a sort by shape puzzle at some points!

I really enjoyed the challenge this presented though. If you’ve been around for awhile, you know that gradients aren’t my favorite. I did, however, enjoy this image as it’s more of a structured gradient with defined sections. I was sad to see that towards the end I was missing a piece. When I’m missing a piece from a new puzzle, I never jump to the conclusion that it was the company’s fault. Rhubarb has snacked on a piece before and I’ve definitely lost them before on my own. Fortunately, Roamwide was kind enough to send me the missing piece after sending a photo of the completed puzzle, and the puzzle can now be whole again! I love a company with great customer service!

If you want to try out this beachy challenge for yourself, head over to and use code SARAH20 for 20% off! I don’t make any commission from this code, just passing on some savings to you! Code valid until February 22, 2021

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