Review: Jiggysaw- Lady Bloom

Time for another review! This time I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Jiggysaw’s Lady Bloom.

Jiggysaw is a female owned puzzle company featuring the art of female artists. They give 10% of their profits to a selected charity with a female focus.

They also have a strong eco-friendly focus. Their puzzles come in a beautiful, super sturdy, recyclable tube. Inside, the pieces are stored in an adorable fabric bag, greatly reducing plastic waste. There is also a perfect size poster inside as the box image is a bit hard to see wrapped around the tube.

I am in love with their art choices. They have curated some great modern designs that are 100% frameable. They currently have six designs. All are featured on their website. Lady Bloom features an illustration done by Katie Smith. I think this is 100% frameable and absolutely stunning!

The pieces are a standard grid cut of two ins, two outs pieces. This did cause for some false fits, but they were easily spotted and corrected. A few pieces were coming apart a bit, but nothing a little glue can’t fix. I’m not sure if this was an issue with just this puzzle, but I have two more from them to try out, so I’ll keep you updated! The pieces did have a tight hold and stayed together well.

I’m really excited to dig into the other two puzzles they sent me. The art is just so fun and fresh! Which of their designs do you want to try? To purchase in the US, please head to their Etsy page linked here. This link will also give you 10% off your purchase. I do not make any money from this affiliate link.

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